Amaya Atucha

Assistant Professor, Horticulture

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Amaya Atucha (Eta Cohort), Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture, incorporates formative assessment into her classes given its potential impact on student learning.

Through formative assessments, Amaya’s students now apply the material covered in class and obtain timely feedback on their progress and understanding of core class concepts. At the same time, Amaya gains a clearer picture of her students’ strengths with the content and areas that need more focused attention and work in class. This change also increases Amaya’s confidence as a teacher. She now feels that she is truly connected with her students and in tune with their learning, able to respond effectively to their needs.

Amaya’s research program focuses on fruit crop physiology and production of cranberries, apples, berry crops and grapes. Her current research areas include cold hardiness of fruit crops, improving fruit quality of cold hardy wine grapes through cultural practices, and differences in root growth rates of rootstocks as affected by soil borne pathogens.