Fall 2019 Honored Instructors

Every semester, students that reside in university housing have the opportunity to recognize outstanding classroom instructors through the Honored Instructor program. In Fall 2019, nine members of our MTLE community were honored as inspiring, challenging, and supportive instructors!

Nick Balster, MTLE Faculty Co-Director

Nadia Chana, Assistant Professor, Music (Omicron Cohort)

Peter Wardrip, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (Mu Cohort)

Zach Wickens, Assistant Professor, Chemistry (Mu Cohort)

Sunny Yudkoff, Assistant Professor, German, Nordic & Slavic (Lambda Cohort)

Eric Hoyt, Associate Professor, Communication Arts (Delta Cohort)

Michael Wagner, Professor, Journalism (Gamma Cohort)

Jeremy Morris, Associate Professor, Communication Arts (Beta Cohort)

Viren Murthy, Associate Professor, History (Alpha Cohort)