Departmental Partnerships

Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence helps early-career faculty succeed with personalized support from a cross-disciplinary community of peers and teaching and learning experts.

The MTLE program can help faculty in your department:

  • Stay focused on career priorities like research, outreach, and service
  • Become more efficient with their teaching preparation and delivery
  • Connect quickly with UW’s teaching and learning resources
  • Become more effective at inspiring and facilitating student learning
  • Gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment in the classroom

A small weekly investment of time over two semesters can result in short-term and long-terms benefits for early-career faculty and for your department.

  • 100% of MTLE alumni who have gone up for tenure have received tenure
  • 89% of program alumni report being more efficient with their teaching
  • 75% of program alumni agree their tenure case is stronger as a result of MTLE
  • 94% of program alumni report being more confident in their teaching
  • 94% of program alumni report they can access teaching resources more efficiently

Sustained engagement (Chism, Holley, & Harris, 2012; Connolly, Savoy, Lee, & Hill, 2016) in professional development programs – like MTLE – has been shown to have a positive impact on teaching practices and student learning.

Our Curriculum

Designed with early-career faculty in mind, the MTLE curriculum engages fellows with evidence-based teaching and learning practices they can apply directly to their teaching in real time.

Meet Our Team

As experts in teaching and learning, MTLE educators will partner with early-career faculty to enhance student learning in their courses and help faculty apply their disciplinary expertise to their teaching. We have a four-person team with two full-time staff and two faculty co-directors.

MTLE in Action:

Epsilon Cohort

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