Partnering with you to improve student learning.

You are experts in your discipline. We are experts in teaching and learning. Imagine what we can do for students together.

Why Join MTLE?

Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence (MTLE) is a two-semester program in teaching that helps early-career faculty succeed with personalized support from a cross-disciplinary community of peers and teaching and learning experts.

What MTLE Can Do for You

  • Connect you with a network of teaching and learning experts across campus
  • Welcome you into a small, supportive cohort of your early-career faculty peers
  • Guide your efforts to become a more engaging and impactful educator

Our aim is to enhance student learning and help you become a fast, efficient, effective and satisfied starter in teaching.

Improving Student Learning Through Shared Practice

Throughout the two-semester program, you will meet weekly with a cohort of 8-14 assistant professors and expert facilitators. Together, we will help you apply cutting-edge, evidence-based practices to enhance student learning in your classes. Our curriculum is divided into 4-week modules, beginning with an introduction to the topic, followed by direct application to your classroom, and closing with reflection and plans for enhancing your course and course design. Feedback from peers and facilitators is central to the program.

Career Impact

Immediate payoffs:

  • Introduction to cutting-edge, evidence-based practices and resources
  • Connections to experts for individual consulting
  • A supportive network of peers and experts

Lasting impacts:

  • A positive impact on student learning
  • Efficient teaching preparation strategies leave more time and energy to devote to your research, outreach and service
  • Greater satisfaction as a teacher
  • Tenure dossier material (artifacts) and evidence
  • Skills to actively participate in department and school or college curriculum committees

MTLE Program Outcomes

  • Apply evidence-based practices in course design (e.g., learning outcomes, formative and summative assessments, learning activities inside and outside of class)
  • Apply teaching practices that are learner-centered, inclusive, engaging and promote learning
  • Reflect on teaching development and document evidence of teaching progress (including artifacts from MTLE) for tenure
  • Create or revise teaching statement for tenure dossier
  • Develop a cross-disciplinary network of faculty peers and campus experts dedicated to teaching and learning
  • Gain confidence in teaching